What is a Posture Assessment?

Poor posture can result in musculoskeletal aches and pains, dysfunction, misalignment of your spine and increased risk of injury. Achieving and maintaining good posture involves learning the right movements and positions, as well as adopting the right lifestyle habits. It’s not enough to simply sit up straight at your desk or put your shoulders back when you are standing up.

By having a Chiropractor carry out a postural assessment you can uncover the root causes of any postural issues, reduce pain and restore normal movement.

What to expect in a Posture Assessment?

The Posture assessments consist of a thorough evaluation of the patient’s posture and gait which can include a variety of assessment techniques including:

  • Detailed postural observation
  • Visual gait analysis
  • Full joint assessment and manual muscle testing (including analysis of muscle length and control)
  • Evaluation of functional tasks

Our chiropractor will observe you standing, looking at the positioning of your entire body from your head to feet. We may use grid analysis to identify imbalances and abnormalities.

Preventing injury

Your body performs best when it is in correct postural alignment. Your muscles, joints and spine work together to help you play sport or do other kinds of physical exercise without pain.  Imbalances and/or mislignments in the spine can lead to injuries or affect performance in a negative way in sports and physical activities. Your chiropractor will show you how to carry out exercises and movements in positions of correct posture in order to prevent injury and perform at your best.

Posture correction and treatment

Following a postural assessment, our chiropractor will make recommendations for treatment and management which may include one or more of the following:

  • Personalised exercise and stretching program designed to improve stability, strength and mobility
  • Education in posture correction and/or ergonomic advice for work, home and recreational environments
  • Hands-on joint mobilization and manipulation techniques (for treatment of joint problems)
  • Use of postural supports designed to aid correct body position, balance or alignment

Our chiropractors are in the best position to evaluate your posture and assist you in achieving and maintaining good posture and gait. We can help you now to make small changes to the way you exercise, work and carry out day-to-day activities which will prevent pain, unnecessary time off work and potential medical bills in the future.

We are highly trained and experienced in evaluating posture. You will come out of your postural assessment equipped with strategies to help you improve your posture and adopt good postural habits which you can maintain in your daily life.

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